We are creative guys that work for people and with people.

Our great inspirations taught us that innovation is everywhere as long as you have your eyes open for reality and a free spirit.

To see what inspires us check out our weekly post at https://www.instagram.com/andiamovisuals/ and our blog as well.

We shoot mainly weddings, commercials and photoshoots. Check out our vimeo page for more video content.

Our wedding videography consists in filming weddings as they are in a documental, distinctive and subtle way.

For commercials/fashion we let our minds flow through the music and go where the inspiration leads us.

Andiamo! is avalilable In Portugal and all over the world as long as you call us!

Feel free to send us an e-mail to andiamovisuals@gmail.com and we will be very please to know you and your project!